Believe In Stupid
I don’t think that means what you think it means.

I don’t think that means what you think it means.

Today we are going to learn about “keystering” as it is becoming the apparent theme for the week.

Sentenced and jailed Tuesday on a narcotics conviction, a California man smuggled a Kyocera cell phone, an MP3 player, ear bud headphones, marijuana, tobacco, and $140 in cash into a county lockup by hiding the contraband in his rectum, investigators allege.

Hopefully the meaning of “keystering” is quite clear after that description. 

When questioned by a sheriff’s deputy who thought he was feeling discomfort, Vogt denied being in pain, though he noted, “My ass is bleeding.”

"You know, the president has this fixation with the Final Four. Spent time on ESPN giving us his version of what really mattered to him, which is the Final Four,” Newt Gingrich said on Fox News Channel Thursday night. “What’s strange is, with all of these crises, how can you focus that kind of time and attention as president of the United States — not as a private citizen, not as a spectator, not as a hobby?”

This coming from the guy who has cheated on multiple wives and for what reason does he give? He loves his country too damn much. Fuck you windbag, go back to Georgia and shut the fuck up. Obama can take a few minutes out of his week to discuss something he enjoys as a break.

Unfortunate design for this toy.

Unfortunate design for this toy.

Holy shit, I’ve heard of drug mules and other people hiding drugs in their crevices before, but not to this extent.

A search of Ms. Mackaliunas by a doctor at Community Medical Center turned up 54 bags of heroin, 31 empty bags used to package heroin, 8.5 prescription pills and $51.22.

What in the fuck was this lady thinking? How do you find out you have this great skill without practice? Why did she hold on to the empty bags instead of disposing them somewhere? With so many questions only one of mine I deem the most important to find out the answer, why the fuck did you stick the money up there too? 22 fucking cents in your vagina?

I don’t think historians are going to look favorably at Congress. Watching this video makes it seem a group of high school kids are “running” the country.

On Saturday, Pondexter tweeted: “What if God was tired of the way they treated their own people in there own country! Idk guys he makes no mistakes.”

She later tweeted: “u just never knw! They did pearl harbor so u can’t expect anything less.”

What a small minded, insensitive thing to say. If god existed he would surely smite her for being such a dumb ass. Cappie, the next time you want to speak out on a world event, don’t.

"Chuck Lorre, one of the richest men in television who is worth hundreds of millions of dollars, believes himself to be so wealthy and powerful that he can unilaterally decide to take money away from the dedicated cast and crew of the popular television series, ‘Two and a Half Men,’ in order to serve his own ego and self-interest, and make the star of the series the scapegoat for Lorre’s own conduct," Marty Singer, Sheen’s attorney, wrote in the lawsuit’s preamble. Lorre is the main subject for derision in the court filing.

If this blog had a mascot for the launch it would definitely be Charlie Sheen. This guy is WINNING in stupid like nobody else these days.

“I’m a girl from the wrong side of the tracks who’s made a lot of bad decisions in life,” Dye said in May of 2006. “Anybody who’s been in my classroom could tell you how much I love teaching and how much I love these students, and that should be what matters more than anything in my past.”

If she was a good teacher why fire her? Oh that’s right, small minded principles (principals would work here as well). If her performance sucked or was lagging I would understand, but just because she used to take a dick in the ass on camera doesn’t mean she is not fit to teach kids at a high school level. If she can handle the occasional snicker or joke made at her expense from time to time, let her teach.

"We all fart in public and it will be difficult to tell who has done it. Some do it silently. It some cases it is like teargas which goes like shhhh! Our legislators need to concentrate on discussing development projects. They should not waste our time and money on childish issues. It would make sense if they talked about defecating and urinating anyhow but not farting. This will not work. We will keep on farting." he said.